How often we make circumstances
our prison and other people our
jailers. - Sheldon Kopp

We are all apprentices in a craft
where no one ever becomes
a master.
—Ernest Hemingway



How to Gain the Self–Observations, Reflections, and Personal Insight You Need for a More Accurate and Comprehensive Self–Awareness

Though the patient enters therapy insisting that he wants to change, more often than not, what he really wants is to remain the same . . . (but) to feel better. He prefers the security of known misery to the misery of unfamiliar insecurity. —Sheldon Kopp

To be free, first, you must choose
freedom. Then the hard work begins.
- Sheldon Kopp

The unexaminded life is not worth
- Socrates

About The Book


How to Gain the Self–Observations, Reflections, and Personal Insight You Need for a More Accurate and Comprehensive Self–Awareness

Many of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are derived from or influenced by personality styles that operate at a basic level in almost everyone. Yet most of us experience some level Of ignorance, an irrational bias, or outright denial about these personality based lenses and filters through which we experience the world. Understanding your basic personality characteristics will allow you to have the more accurate self-observations, insights and self-reflections necessary for a more comprehensive self-awareness. While you may not be responsible for creating your personality in the past, it is your responsibility to create and maintain the stability of your personality in the present and future simply because no one else can do it for you. Even a competent therapist cannot get inside your head twenty- four hours a day.

Once you understand your basic personality traits and characteristics, self-awareness can play a decisive role in the choices you make as you actually create theperson you want to be,

John B Evans
John B Evans

About The Author

John B. Evans PHD, LCSW

Dr. John B. Evans (Dr. John) earned a PhD in clinical social work at the University of Texas – Arlington (1994) and two masters degrees in the behavioral sciences. Dr. Evans is a published author about personalities and was an adjunct professor in social work for five years at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas. For decades, Dr. Evans has concentrated in multiple areas including personalities, family systems, individual / couples / family / group therapy, difficult or abusive relationships, stress management, and substance abuse, worked with troubled youth for the Dallas school district, and conducted evaluations for Dallas Probation for 8 years. He has also worked as a counselor in multiple nursing homes. Dr. Evans was a licensed supervisor training other therapists in Dallas for years before moving to Colorado.


This book is an essential read for anyone looking to understand who they are and how they interact with others. This is the personality handbook everyone should read. I have seen countless therapists who have all helped but never like this. I am finally free of fear because I have replaced fear with true knowledge of myself. It has removed my “rose colored glasses” so I can see things for what they are. I have needed this book my whole life. Thank you!

the truth will set you free

Elizabeth McCauley.

Great explanations of character flaws and character assets. Hate to admit there will be some resolutions around this book!



Great comprehensive overview of personalities. Lots of insight

Good read!

Amazon Customer

Book arrived on April 5 and as described.

Thank you!

M. L. Kazmierski